Spiritual & Sexual Energy Healing Coach

I help you find your soul purpose through art, Tantra, yoga, meditation by teaching you to utilise your sexual / life energy. I guide you in establishing balanced relationships within yourself & with others. I provide guidance on strengthening your self-love experience & balancing your feminine & masculine life / sexual energy. I listen to your needs & develop personal programs to cater for your lifestyle.

You need to share with me (1) your social media accounts such as Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter; (2) a handwritten letter with your own handwriting, expressing who you are & why you would like to work with me, (3) a video recording, where you introduce & tell about yourself. You can send to this email address.

Our first meeting will be held online via a video call. We will together decide on how to move forward, that being either face to face or online. Our sessions will usually last for one hour & is priced hourly. There may be some work I will ask you to do after our communication sessions. 

Working with: women, men, children, families, couples & solos of all ages & backgrounds.